Match Day in 2024

Members will have the choice on how they scan into AAMI Park in 2024 with physical and digital membership cards both being accepted.

Physical cards will be available for redemption on the Rebels Rewards store. All members will be sent a PDF version of their card which can be printed off and scanned into the venue.

Yes, a digital card will be available to download to your smart phone device.

Yes, closer to our first match you will receive a copy of your digital membership card via email. You can print this ticket off and bring it to home matches to scan into the ground.

No problems, you can either print off your digitial membership card or order a physical membership card on the Rebels Rewards store.

No, your Membership card will not give you access to the venue for any of the 3 days of Super Round 2024. All member tickets must be redeemed on Ticketek.