How to redeem your Member Guest Pass

All Platinum, Gold, Silver and Blue Full Season Members are eligible for 1x Guest Pass for every home game.

Weary Dunlop members received 3x Guest passes for the year (1 per Game). Please email to redeem.

These do NOT carry over from game to game

Step 1: Find your 12-Digit Barcode

You can find your barcode number on your membership card.

Step 2: Find the game you want to attend

Click on the link above and find the game you wish to attend.

Step 3: Enter the 12-Digit Barcode into the "Password box"

Once you enter your barcode in, select the "Unlock Tickets" button that will turn Green.

Step 4: Select your seat

You will be able to select your seat you wish to redeem, by clicking on the section.

If the seat next to your reserved seat is not available, select the closest seat possible and move around on the night.

Blue and Silver GA members, after clicking unlock tickets, choose "Find Best Available" and then your category.

When you select the seat, you may need to scroll down on the pricing list until the Guest Pass line comes up as it is the last option.

Step 5: "Purchase" your guest pass

Follow the prompts through the log in and checkout process to finalise your "purchase" and redemption of the Guest Pass.